Civil Liberties

America must end the civil rights abuses of Arab Americans and American Muslims, because once the Constitution’s enumerated rights are weakened for one group, all Americans are threatened. Therefore, we are dedicated to holding town hall meetings and hearings to expose the abuses and injustices of the USA PATRIOT Act, the Department of Justice Guidelines that opened the door for profiling, and secret surveillance and infiltration of legitimate political and religious groups and their activities. We are committed to strengthening our partnerships with civil rights groups, religious organizations, and other ethnic communities in the continuing effort to reaffirm America’s promise to protect and preserve the “rights of all.”

News from Yalla Change Partner Organizations:

NNAAC: On the NNAAC website, you can protest the National Defense Authorization Act by signing a petition to fight worldwide indefinite detentions and protect American civil liberties

ACCESS: ACCESS applauds the Obama administration’s January decision to change U.S. immigration policy to allow undocumented immigrants to apply to remain in the country throughout the citizenship process, if their absence would cause extreme hardship for their families in the U.S.

Arab American Family Services: Arab American Family Services provides assistance to Arab refugees and immigrants in the United States, including free counseling on how to become a U.S. citizen

Zogby International Polls:

Please tell me your opinion on each of the following:



Polls show that many Arabs have a negative view of the United States. What do you think is the principle reason to account for these negative views?

Do you agree with this statement: Islam teaches hate.

Polling data provided by Zogby International, online survey of 2100 adults, “American Views on Arab and Muslim Americans,” September 2010.

Have you personally experienced discrimination in the past because of your ethnicity or country of origin?

Polling data provided by Zogby International, contacted 404 Arab Americans by phone, “Arab American Voters in 2010: Their Identity and Political Concerns” September 2010.